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Property Management

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Palermo house recognizes the affordable housing shortage problem, we help our community providing affordable homes to our community.

Property Owner FAQ's

We charge 6% of the total contract, plus 50% of first month rent. When the unit is vacant.

We minimize the expenses of the units under our management while we maximizing profits for our customers.

You will receive a deposit of your rent the 5th day of each month.

The tenant has 5 days to pay rent. If we have not received any payment after the fifth day, we will send the tenant an eviction notice, file eviction eviction complaint with the city or county. The tenant will have to pay all of the fees include in the eviction process. 

We will do an inspection of the property and make sure that there isn’t any damage. If there is a damage cause by the tenant, we will schedule a repair maintenance and we will take the money from the tenant’s security deposit. 

We will collect our customers rent through an online system.

The security deposit will protect you property from any damage that the tenant causes.

The property has to be habitable, that means that water, power and gas are working properly. Also that there house is in a good condition, such as walls painted, toilet flushing, shower, Ac, water heater, lights and all the appliances in the house.  

Property management contract and a very detail description of the property, its history and performance.

If the emergency involves fire or water damage, the tenant will call 911, for other type of emergency, tenant can contact and emergency number 24 hours, 7 days a week.